How to Get Land for $99 Down, $99 a Month on A Personal Guide

Hello everyone! Are you dreaming of owning land but worried about the costs? Well, I’m here to share my delightful experience with, where I found an amazing deal: land for just $99 down and $99 a month. Let me walk you through my journey and provide some friendly advice on how you can do the same.

Discovering the Deal

I stumbled upon while searching for affordable land options. Initially, I was skeptical – such an affordable deal seemed too good to be true. But, after browsing their website, I realized that they offer various financing options, including the $99 down and $99 a month deal. This option was perfect for my budget and made the dream of land ownership seem attainable.

Navigating the Website is user-friendly, which made my search for the perfect plot quite enjoyable. The site clearly lists properties available under this specific deal, along with detailed information about each plot, including location, size, and terrain.

Customer Service Experience

With such an affordable offer, I had my concerns and questions. I reached out to their customer service, and they were incredibly helpful. They explained the financing terms in detail, ensuring I understood the process and commitment. Their transparency and willingness to assist were very reassuring.

The Purchase Process

Signing up for the $99 down and $99 a month deal was straightforward. The process involved selecting my preferred plot, agreeing to the financing terms, and making the initial $99 down payment. The subsequent monthly payments of $99 were outlined in a clear payment schedule, with no hidden fees or surprises.

Post-Purchase Support

Even after the purchase, provided excellent support. They guided me through the next steps, including paperwork and understanding my responsibilities as a landowner. Their ongoing assistance was a significant relief and added to my positive experience.

Addressing Concerns

Of course, I had my apprehensions about ongoing commitments and the legitimacy of such a deal. However,’s clear communication, customer reviews, and BBB accreditation helped alleviate these concerns. They are committed to transparency and customer satisfaction, which is evident in their service.

Tips for Interested Buyers

  1. Do Your Research: Understand the specifics of the deal and if it aligns with your budget and long-term plans.
  2. Reach Out for Questions: Don’t hesitate to contact their customer service for any clarifications.
  3. Review the Contract Carefully: Ensure you understand the terms, conditions, and commitments involved.

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Final Thoughts

My experience with has been nothing short of fantastic. The $99 down and $99 a month deal is a genuine opportunity for those looking to own land affordably.

The company’s transparency, supportive customer service, and straightforward purchasing process make them a commendable choice for potential landowners. If you’re looking to own land without breaking the bank, is definitely worth exploring!


  1. What is the $99 down, $99 a month deal on It’s a financing option that allows you to purchase land with a $99 down payment and monthly payments of $99.
  2. Is the $99 down, $99 a month deal on legitimate? Yes, based on my experience, this deal is legitimate and as described on their website.
  3. How can I find properties available under this deal on These properties are listed on their website, often under specific financing options.
  4. Are there hidden fees in the $99 down, $99 a month deal? In my experience, there were no hidden fees. The terms were transparent and straightforward.
  5. Can anyone qualify for this deal on The specific qualification criteria are not detailed, so it’s best to inquire directly with them.
  6. What kind of properties are available under this deal? The deal typically includes various types of land, but the specifics can vary.
  7. How does the purchase process work for this deal? You select a plot, agree to the financing terms, and make the initial $99 down payment.
  8. Is it easy to navigate the website to find these deals? Yes, the website is user-friendly and makes finding these deals quite easy.
  9. How reliable is the information provided on listings? The listings are detailed and reliable, based on my experience.
  10. What should I do if I have questions about the deal? Reach out to their customer service for clarification.
  11. Does provide post-purchase support? Yes, they offer guidance and support even after the purchase.
  12. Are the financing terms for this deal flexible? The terms seemed fixed at $99 down and $99 a month, but it’s worth discussing with them.
  13. Can I pay off my land early under this deal? This information isn’t specified; inquire directly for early payoff options.
  14. What happens if I miss a monthly payment? It’s important to discuss the consequences of missed payments with
  15. Is the $99 monthly payment the only cost I will incur? Be sure to inquire about any additional costs like property taxes or maintenance fees.
  16. Can international customers take advantage of this deal? The article doesn’t specify, so international customers should inquire directly.
  17. How long does this financing deal last? The duration of the financing term varies based on the property; check individual listings.
  18. Is there a penalty for late payments? The article doesn’t mention this; inquire directly with
  19. How soon can I start using the land after purchase? Typically, you can use the land immediately, but confirm this during the purchase process.
  20. Can I resell the land purchased through this deal? Yes, but it’s best to understand the terms and conditions related to resale.
  21. How do I make monthly payments for the deal? The payment process should be outlined in your financing agreement.
  22. What type of customer support does offer for financing questions? They provide informative and responsive customer support for all queries.
  23. Are there any geographical restrictions on properties under this deal? The properties available vary, so check current listings for location details.
  24. How can I ensure the property under this deal is a good investment? Conduct due diligence, including a property visit and research on the area.
  25. What documents are needed to complete the purchase? Typically, a contract agreement and possibly other legal documents.
  26. Is the $99 down, $99 a month deal always available on Availability can vary, so it’s best to check their current listings.
  27. How is the land quality under this deal? Quality varies by property; inspect the land or inquire for detailed descriptions.
  28. Can I build on the land purchased through this deal? Check with local zoning laws and the terms of your purchase agreement.
  29. What is the total cost of the land under this deal? Total cost varies by property and should be clearly stated in the financing terms.
  30. Is there a credit check required for this deal? The article doesn’t specify; inquire with about their credit requirements.
  31. How quickly can I complete a purchase under this deal? The process can be quite efficient but varies based on individual circumstances.
  32. Does offer advice on land use and development? While they provide post-purchase support, specific development advice should be sought from professionals.
  33. Are there any seasonal promotions or discounts in addition to this deal? The article doesn’t mention this; check their website for current promotions.
  34. How can I stay updated about new deals like this from Subscribing to their newsletter or regularly checking their website is recommended.
  35. What should I do after purchasing land through this deal? Follow up on any necessary paperwork and plan for the land’s use or development.
  36. Can I visit the land before committing to the deal? It’s recommended to arrange a visit, though the article doesn’t specify this process.
  37. What should I be aware of before entering this financing deal? Understand all the terms and conditions, including your financial obligations.
  38. How can I trust the legitimacy of this deal? Research the company’s reputation, read customer reviews, and check their BBB accreditation.
  39. What are the benefits of choosing this financing option? It offers an affordable entry point into land ownership with manageable monthly payments.
  40. Is there a limit to the number of properties I can buy under this deal? The article doesn’t specify, so inquire with for any purchase limits.

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